Try our new Keep Fresh Set!

Posted : Aug-24-2017


After sharing great recipes last week – here’s great news: the special healthy combo (developed in cooperation with leading fitness App) is coming to our restaurants, available from Aug 19th till Sep 19th.


Here are the 3 courses:

Salmon Brown Rice Bowl [388 Kcal]

Grilled Salmon Filet, on Brown Rice with Sesame Oil topped with Purslane, Carrot,

Spinach, Sweet Corn, and Curly Eggs. Optional Sauce with Mustard Vinaigrette.




Broccoli with Almonds [101 Kcal]

Sautéed Broccoli with Almonds Slices, Garlic, hot red pepper slice.




Apple and Spinach Juice [123 Kcal]

Apple, Spinach, Cucumber fresh juice




Healthy brown rice with Salmon fillet, almond broccoli and apple spinach juice = all the nutrition you need. Only from 129rmb*


Come try this ‘limited time offer’.

It’s available both in our restaurants, and through our online order: