Element Fresh retains top employer in China in 2017

Posted : Dec-08-2016


Breaking News:

On Dec. 5th, 2016, Element Fresh once again proved its charm, has been honored as “Top Employer in China 2017” by CRF global organization, 8 years in a row. 

About Top Employers and CRF Institute

Using international standards, the China's Top Employers project identifies China's front-runners in excellent HR management. Through the objective and independent Top Employers research methodology, the smartest, most forward-thinking employers in the country are determined.

The CRF Institute is the independent organization behind the Top Employers projects. The CRF Institute identifies top performers in the areas of HR, leadership and strategy. Since 1991 the CRF Institute has developed its proprietary methodology, research and deliverables. It has grown into an international organization with operations in thirteen countries on four continents. The CRF Institute’s headquarters are based in The Netherlands.

Nine major HR evaluation standard:

The CRF Institute’s unique approach is characterized by HR policy based research, objectivity and an independent and selective assessment in conjunction with a national panel of HR experts. The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs concluded that our Top Employers Certification Seal is 100% reliable. According to its analysis, the project is completely trustworthy in its judgments, certifying only those Top Employers that meet the standards of excellence in HR policies.

From the beginning, Element Fresh adhere to the humanistic care. In order to increase staff’s “happiness” and “sense of belonging”, Element Fresh not only offer strong staff training system and fair compensation, but also focus on employee’s wellbeing.

Element Fresh is a great company to work for, we share believes with all staff, which is to be passionate about quality and service.