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Element Fresh – enjoying fresh food!

Most famous for great salads, sandwiches, juices and smoothies, Element Fresh also offers a variety of Asian dishes and a creative dinner menu. Every year since the first Element Fresh restaurant opened its doors in 2002, readers of popular magazines have awarded us top honors for our food and service.
We are passionate about bringing you the freshest food in China.
We have 15 restaurants in Shanghai, 9 in Beijing, 2 in Guangzhou, 2 in Shenzhen,1 in Suzhou and 2 in Nanjing, 3 in Hangzhou,1 in Chengdu and 1 in Wuhan with more to open in the coming months.



Element Fresh is about passion for fresh food.


From the first steps in 2000 to 27 restaurants in 7 cities, it has been a long journey.

It started with Scott Minoie, a lifelong foodie and chef since his early years, and his friend Sheldon Habiger starting a catering service, then a health food & juice bar in Shanghai. 

The big break came in 2002: a regular customer working in the leasing department of Shanghai's premier retail, office and hotel complex, the Shanghai Centre/Portman, offered a location in the Shanghai Centre to the young restaurant company.  When the word got out, other regular customers decided to provide the required financial support to the founders. Sheldon's  wife, Shanghai native Wu Liang joined the team, and brought professional retail management experience and the ability to work with local authorities. 

Element Fresh at The Shanghai Centre opened its doors on July 12, 2002!  


At Element Fresh, we believe that good nutrition, great taste and a fun time go together just fine!


l   We are quality fanatics, in all aspects of our business.
l   One of the best companies to work for in our industry! That is who we want to be as a company. That is also the best foundation for great service to our customers every day!
l   We love our hometowns of Shanghai and Beijing with their energy and optimism. We are committed to being an active member of our community in every market we operate in.
l   We cherish the diversity of our customers – on an average day, Element Fresh serves customers from more than 30 countries. And we continue to expand the diversity of our team to reflect that! 
l   We will bring opportunities to enjoy Element Fresh food and beverages as close as we can to people all over Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Nanjing – and beyond!


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